October 14, 2013

US, Maine--Faylene Hutton Cemetery Collection 1780-1990

Operations pulled all the batches, and we have to restart the project because thfe setup instructions about the project were incomplete.. Had to pull out 8000 batches total.

Louisianna Parish Marriages

[10:52:00 AM]  Louisianna Parish Marriages -  (more than one principal)  they are turning on the option to add a record so that both principals can be indexed.
(If you download a  batch where there are dual principals and they cannot add a record, please  return the batch and download another.  The project is saturated right now, so it may be a few minutes.)

August 22, 2013

US Texas Naturalization batches

ARBITRATORS;  A problem with the US Texas Naturalization Records has been reported.  The information in Key A is being removed.  If you experiance this type of issue, could you please  hold the batches for now until further notice. Hopefully it will be fixed before they expire on your computer. Updates will be posted when that takes place.

August 19, 2013

Vermont Passenger lists

Vermont- we need to be really cautious on this project, Some new updates are being created for it.  What may appear to be the passenger's ages are actually the weight of their baggage, again.  Becareful!!

August 13, 2013


Georgia Deaths-
There was a program issue that caused the parents names to be in the hidden fields option. Many of these batches were returned for re-indexing because there was no place to enter the names. ARBITRATORS:   PLEASE DO NOT return these for re-indexing, just add the parent's names as YOU arbitrate. If you have a question please contact  your Stake Indexing Director.

August 06, 2013

US Tesas, Laredo - Arrival Manifests 1903-1955

The batches downloaded for this project may contain multiple names and there are no options to add more records to accomodate the extra names. WE ARE ONLY TO INDEX THE PRINCIPAL NAME. PLEASE DO NOT INDEX OTHER NAMES ON THE CARD.

August 04, 2013


Indexers and Arbitrators: As informaiton, Chromebook is considered a mobile device and is not supported at this time.

August 02, 2013

HEADS UP -- Philippines, Pangasinan—Civil Registration, 1946–1965

Philippines, Pangasinan—Civil Registration, 1946–1965
Affidavit for Delayed Registration of Birth
These documents are to be indexed.  A sample has been added to the Project Instructions.  We need to get the word out.  Many indexers and arbitrators are marking them as No Extractable Data.

July 31, 2013

Jamaica Marriages and Deaths

Jamaica Marriages and Deaths
(*) Heads up- Jamaica Marriages and Deaths- it is being pulled to add a new field- a certificate number field. I will post when they have the changes made.

Essex Parish Registers

Essex Parish Registers- the field helps for the bride and grooms names have been changed to state NOT to index street names. We will be changing the how to on the wiki and project updates.